audio book EXPLOSION

Have you heard? Audio Books have taken over the VO industry! If you are an excellent sight reader with interpretive skills, this is great news for you! is looking for readers for their backlog of audio books. If you win an audition, you can either be paid by the finished hour, or split the royalties with the author.

Unlike Pay2Play sites like Voice123 and, which can be about $399-$499 for a yearly premium membership... Is Free to join!

AND - It's so much easier to win jobs on ACX than Pay2Play sites due to supply and demand.

Here's the Clincher: If you do a demo with me, Coach Ray, I will give you as a Free Bonus-- :90 Narration, a $500 value, that you can upload onto ACX and start auditioning immediately!

You can choose Fiction: Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction or “HOW TO” instructional narrations, Documentaries, Technical scripts, Biographies and on and on.

How to get started: Take the Evaluation/Consultation to assess your reading ability. If you pass, you qualify for a Killer Demo Discount and the Bonus $500 value Narration that you can upload onto

If you would like to take the Evaluation/Consultation, email me at: for more information!

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